How To Get More Listings

In the competitive world of real estate, consistency is key. As someone who has navigated the ups and downs of this industry, I’ve discovered a daily routine that has consistently delivered results. In this blog, I’ll share my secrets to securing 2 to 8 listings each month, and how you can do the same.

1. Start with a Structured Morning:

My day kicks off at 8:30 AM with a huddle with my team. This aligns our goals and energizes us for the day ahead. By 9:00 AM, I’m on the phone, prospecting until noon or 1:00 PM. My target is to secure at least one or two appointments daily.

2. The Power of Persistence:

Persistence is crucial. If I don’t get any appointments in my initial session, I stay on the phone until I do. This relentless pursuit is often what separates successful realtors from the rest.

3. Follow-Up is Key:

I make it a point to follow up with all clients I spoke to during the day. If they’re not ready yet, I schedule a task to follow up again. Remember, it often takes about 28 contacts to convert a lead into an appointment.

4. Intense Initial Contact Strategy:

For new leads, I follow an intensive contact strategy: calling them three times a day for the first three days. Then, I schedule regular follow-ups, irrespective of their interest level at that moment.

5. Evolving and Learning:

In the beginning, my appointment conversion rate wasn’t great. But over time, I learned effective strategies to improve this. It’s a skill that can be honed with practice and the right guidance.


This approach has been a game-changer for me, and it could be for you too. Real estate is about building relationships, understanding client needs, and being persistent in your efforts.

Are you ready to elevate your real estate career? Do you want to close more deals and secure more listings? Let me help you refine your strategy and improve your conversion rates. Schedule a call with me today, and let’s pave the way to your success in real estate. Schedule a call today.

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